Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
 "Speak kindly" (Quran, 2:83)
Speak kindly. Speak good to people. Every words that come out from our mouth will affect other person. Just from what we say, it'll bring maybe joy, tears to other people. Not all of us realize, sometimes what did we say will hurt other people. And maybe they wouldn't show it to us. That's why, our Prophet Muhammad said, 
"Speak less or remain silent"
Just speak what we think are important, or useful. Because from that, lesser people will be hurt.
And one more thing, speak to people good words only. Giving advice, etc. It is such a bless if people see us as someone who's good at giving good words to people. 

For me, I am the one who's always talk less even when I am with my family or closest friend. Because for me, everytime I try to speak up I'll think back after that whether what I'm saying is good or not. And sometimes, when I try to speak a sentence something will be wrong huhu. That's why I always talk less. Sometimes, even during chatting =(

And I am not a person with good talk actually, I mean someone who is always or good at giving people advice. Maybe only in chat, but just a few words. When facing each other, I'll be like, em I wanna try to say but they didn't come out hm.

That's all for this time. Thank you.

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