Assalamualaikum w.b.t

It hurts me when I see it in their faces, telling that they are dissappointed. Again. Although they didnt say it, from the way they talk. My bad. My bad because they have a child like me. The unclever one, untalented, didnt good at anything. And what do I do is just wasting their money without being able to repay them even once. I'm sorry. I know I can't say it to you guys, but I'm sorry. Truly sorry. For not being able to show everyone that you have a child that you are proud of. Assif. From the bottom of my heart.

But now, I just want your redha and du'a.. for letting me go easily to the place that I choose, so I can proof to you guys this time, that one day I'll be a child that you guys will be proud of. The child that you'll not regret for raising me since I am young. Give me this chance. Please.

I want your support.

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