Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Adil Allah tu sangat indah. Allah might give you today, and not in future. Or He might not give other people today, but in future. For example, our friend and ourself. We got the best results together and hoping to get in to the best college together. But, takdir Allah tu. How He plans for each of us. Our life, and else. eventhough we got the same best results but they got to go into the college that they want, the nice one, the best one. But not us. yes, eventhough our results are just the same. But my dear readers, Allah tu adil. He won't simply let you left behind alone, until you feel like giving up, no. No He won't. So macam mana Allah nak tunjuk yang Allah tu adil? Okay maybe your friend got to get in the nice college but you didn't. But then, you got your fixed occupation first from them. you already got a place to work, already received your salary, and you can buy things that you want. But not them. Get it?

The point now is, if it is not now, it will. But later. Have faith dearies. Have faith in Him. Just keep on trying no matter what.


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