Assalamualaikum w.b.t

So for now, I am already being a student in one of the college in MY. No need to tell where is it. Hehe. It is an international islamic college.

As I am worrying about too many things before I come here, I'm so glad I'm here right now. still remember the warm welcome the seniors gave during my first day here; the registration.

We have to only wear baju kurung/jubah here and I looveee it. Jubah is so comfy. And the fact that we only have to wear wider size of hijab, totally my style.

The place, buildings are a beauty. And the fact that our mosque is at the centre of all of the academic buildings show that no matter how we want to earn our ilmu, dont forger that the very important place to earn the very important of ilmu is the mosque.

Our taaruf week, it is orientasi actually but we called it as taaruf week. Nice taaruf committees, nice activities. Eventhough we are completely tired, our schedule was from early subuh until close to midnight. But still, grateful. The contents for the activities are so nice. The talks that were given to us by the speakers are totally good. Especially the tazkirah.

The fact that we have to recite asmaul husna everytime the formal event started, the fact that we always have to end our programs with tasbih kafarah and surah al-asr, the fact that every of us, either muslimin or muslimat has to take good care of our ikhtilat no matter what. Give ways to muslimin if they across you first, use other ways if muslimin blocked your way, lower your sight when you are in front of muslimin, take good care of our aurah no mattet what, I am completely grateful.

And eventhough there are so many courses other than islamic courses here, but we still have to learn arabic language and islamic subjects in order for us to not forget them wherever we are. for us to remember Islam eventhough we are in different fields, always relate our subject to islam. Allah.

I hope I can achieve what I want, and at the same time to apply it in Islamic way. I hope I can be a better person here. A person that has her determination to achieve what she wants, and to be a better muslim.

Allahu, I am so grateful I'm here. Alhamdulillah and I hope this is the best for me. Amin ya rabb.

((Already miss taaruf week 😢))

Ibu ayah, dont worry I'm fine here 💛 thank you for everything.

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