You know you are... (1)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t 😻

You know you are getting attached to the dunia when;

1. You don't plan your time around solat (praying) time.

💪 Segerakan solat, no matter what you are doing at that time, leave it first. Solat is our priority.

2. A whole day or two passes and you don't open your Quran because you are too ‘busy’.

💪 This. There are few days when I am so rajin to read Quran. Everytime after solat, I'll read Quran. This is during my free days. When I've nothing to do. But after that, when my busy days come, the intention to read Quran is always here, in my heart and mind. But it is not easy to accomplish it. It is always after I finished a work, the tired... and lazy... Allah. And I'll realise again after a few solat hm

3. You care so much about what people say about you.

💪 This is a common thing isnt it? We always care about what people say, what people will say, about us. And the words will stuck in your mind and you'll keep thinking about them and thinking and thinking.. whether is it true or not.. and yes. Sometimes, its a right thing to know what people think about you so that you can reflect and make it right. But when people say bad things about you, and it is not even true you'll keep thinking. It will disturb your mind and you will have trouble doing your daily work.

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