You know you are... (2)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t :)

4. All you care about is how to accumulate more and more wealth.

🌹 this happens when we are so busy catching up on dunya and busy searching for money, busy making our life happier and we don't care at all to make our after life, our akhirah happier :(

5. You argue unnecessarily when you are told something you are used to doing is haram.

🌹 this is a no no *geleng kepala* we are forbidden, of course from doing something haram. And when anyone tells us something that we used to do is haram, we have to reflect back to what we've done all this time, check back the truth, whether it is really forbidden or not. And then try to stop doing the thing. Slowly, and soon surely we'll be okay.

6. You keep on delaying good deeds - I’ll do it tomorrow, or the next, etc.

🌹 we always did this.. sometimes we think we can do it after this, tomorrow, next time cause we think we still got time. But we didn't realize that we can die at any time. So if we have time to do something good, just do it. If we think it is hard, ask Allah to make it easier, okay?


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