Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I always imagine to have a phone call almost everyday, to have a chat almost everyday, to update to each other our latest update, to always tell each other our new secret or new thing that happen to us, to always lean on each other whenever we have problems, eventhough we are far apart. Eventhough maybe we only meet few times in a year, we can still be like that.

But I'm sorry I couldn't be like that. I always wanted to try, but.... I want to be someone that you can proudly tell others you have a friend like me. That you are proud of me. I wish. I'm sorry that only silent stings between us. I'm sorry that sometimes things get awkward. I'm sorry that we only left those beautiful memories behind without creating a new one.
I'm sorry that you have a friend like me. I hope you'll find someone who will appreciate you more. Whatever it is, i love you. I'll always cherish those past memories with you.

And I'll keep trying

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